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 Donator (how and features)

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PostSubject: Donator (how and features)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:00 am


 Regular donator  

> Will come soon

 Extreme donator  





  Supreme auras

  Spirit shields

  Primal armour and weapons

 How to donate

 Regular - 2m eoc gp

 Extreme - 5m eoc gp

* If you have the gold just join the friends chat ''King A Scape'' and talk with him. He will tell you where to meet and you give him the gold. Then, he gives you the donator status and that's it.
* No scamms, don't worry.

If you don't have the gold do the following:

1. Go to this website.
http : // www . rsorder . com/rs-gold   - THEY DON'T SCAM ( DON'T WORRY )
without the spaces ^

* You must have credit/debit card - Paypal - Paysafecard - Skrill - Cellphone (one of those)

2. You select 10M Eoc GP ( which is the minimum ) or more, if you want for your RS account.

3. You follow the steps they say.
~ They will tell you a place to go (normally world 7 - middle of ge) - It takes about 1-20 minutes.

4. Once you have the gold go back to the friends chat ''King A Scape'' and talk with him to meet at RS.

5. Congratulations, you are now a regular donator or a extreme donator 
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Donator (how and features)
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