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 Bridding guide by nathan -repost

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Bridding guide by nathan -repost Empty
PostSubject: Bridding guide by nathan -repost   Bridding guide by nathan -repost EmptyTue May 21, 2013 9:50 am

Welcome to my Hybriding Guide.
I will explain some essential things and techniques.


3.Switch Styles
4. Techniques
5. Anti-Mage


Now basically, Hybriding is about switching from mage to melee, mage to range etc.
As we all know, skill comes from constant practice.
This guide will help you with the basics, not make you pro.

Bridding guide by nathan -repost Screenshot2013011216550
Bridding guide by nathan -repost Screenshot2013011216573


*You always can switch Farseer to mage's book or arcane spirit shield and Dragon boots to Wizard, Infinity or Primal boots.*

Now, I have switched
Dragon Boots (If have got infinity or wizard boots)

and that is 7 switches, for beginner good switching amount is 4-5.

3.Switch styles[/color]

Now we want to switch the way we think is the best.
I, personally have a few good ones, and I will share some other that
I've seen.
*Ill try get the pictures soon, but here is few pictures, copied from another server.*

-Had to borrow pics from other rsps.
Bridding guide by nathan -repost 2yzirth
*The Arrow means it starts from Vesta's Chainbody to Amulet of fury OR the DDS.

- Had to use pics from other rsps.
Bridding guide by nathan -repost 34dg31h
*Starts from Vesta Chainbody to Dragon Boots.*


First, freeze your opponent, then switch to ANTI-MAGE(We'll get to that in the next chapter), Make sure that YOU are not frozen. Then run back and forth, hitting him with your whip while he can't do anything. IF HE SWITCHES TO MAGE run to him and hit once then move back and switch to mage. IF HE SWITCHES TO MELEE YOU SWITCH TO MAGE and mage him once (if you catch a freeze instead camp the mage until you're unfrozen.), IF he then changes to mage you put anti-mage on and repeat.

The Mage Camp Technique
This is pretty simple. Stay in mage until Your opponent switches to ANTI-MAGE then switch to your Melee Gear with your
Special Weapon such as DDS and spec him.


If your opponent is in mage gear, and you are UNFROZEN, switch to the ANTI-MAGE, wich would be
Fire Cape
Morrigan body or Karil's body
Do not switch boots, they give less mage defence.


“F keys” - Great to use in hybrid fights. F1 - Inventory. F3 - Prayer Tab. F4 - Spell book Tab. and F5 - Special tab.

"Switches" - Simple is good, 4-6 is good, for beginners i recommend four item switches. In what order you switch is up to you, whatever feels better for you stick with it.

"Combo Eating" - Eating food and drinking a brew will help greatly. After brewing make sure to re-pot tho.

"Gear" - Always make sure to be in the right gear at the right time, for example always switch to tank gear when your opponent specs.

"Spec" - When to use your special is critical, it is best to use it when they are in mage gear, so study how the person brids and time your specs for better hits.

"Moving" - Running back and forth while fighting will give you great advantages. It will be harder for your opponent to catch freezes.

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Bridding guide by nathan -repost
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