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 Sp00f's Staff Application

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owner alex

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PostSubject: Sp00f's Staff Application   Sp00f's Staff Application EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 6:35 pm

My Application For Admin/Mod...

Name Joshua
IGN : sp00f
Age : 19
Location : United Kingdom
Server = Item Spawning Server

Hello My Name Is Josh/Joshua  I Am A Extremely Respectful Player. I love helping users and staff if they need it. I have a lot of experience in creating and managing servers and making sure the users are having a splendid time in game. I also know a how to fix a lot of errors in game and website errors. also managing forums. and forum posts. I can be active daily. on the chat box and in game if a user is stuck with an error or another problem ill sure jump to help them, also if a problem happens. such as bad language or banable offenses I will sure give the user a last chance so say 'sorry' And explain there side of the story. I Can also create graphics and code websites. and edit forums general knowledge is key. I have a lot of experience with java and there error codes.
I know how to use my rank professionally and understand the meaning of being a good staff Team I Can invite New Players and make YouTube videos To Promote The server.


I post this since this was posted on wrong topic.

Sp00f's Staff Application 1084291444 King A Scape
Sp00f's Staff Application 2106933357 Legit Alex
Sp00f's Staff Application 3853396757 Owner Alex
Sp00f's Staff Application 3906759287 Alex
Sp00f's Staff Application 3033956854 Alex

Sp00f's Staff Application D37543db159b66ee5048dd4c6af0e5f9Sp00f's Staff Application 29505f0b9f3a68ffb38474480794b1b8
Sp00f's Staff Application 2hpkao9
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Sp00f's Staff Application
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